Is it okay if I take a pill with water, then drink tea 5mins later?

Answer Taking the pill with water and then drinking tea is perfectly safe. Ibuprofen does help a sore throat via its action as an anti-inflammatory. When taking it you should also eat food because Ibuprof... Read More »

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Can I drink alcohol& take an antibiotic pill two hours later?

On One Hand: Alcohol Does Not Interact With Most AntibioticsAccording to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol doesn't have an impact on the effectiveness of most antibiotics. Alcohol may increase some side eff... Read More »

If you had unpretected sex then took the mornin afta pill two days later and havent gotten your period for two weeks can you be pregnate?

Are you serious??yes,its possible.If you dident have birth control,you should see a doctor.

If I took an Antihistamine earlier is it okay to take DXM 8 hours later?

"Purple drank" is actually a combination of the antihistamine promethazine, DXM, and usually codeine. Since this a commonly prescribed medication, you should be okay combining the two.

What happens if you put a sleeping pill into a mixture of vodka and orange juice AND THEN DRINK IT?