Is it okay for men to work in childcare?

Answer It's not only ok, it's very important. There are lots of single parent families in the UK where there is only a mum and the children have no male role model at all. Most primary school teachers are... Read More »

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u must take care of them try to teach some lesson like teacher to know childcare go to to help you if not then tell what you need ok

I have a childcare and.....?

It depends on how old the child is, the hours of the day that you are open, and how many children the parents have. You could post a survey or something and ask people how much they are charged to ... Read More »

Want to go into Childcare, but where do I start!?

I live in the state of Texas and recently obtained my Early Childhood Development Degree you can take Early Childhood Development classes at your local community college. All the information you ... Read More »

Childcare in home...?

i wouldn't worry about that crap.sounds like just everyday babysitting... not anything special if the mom trust you enough to have her kids then you shouldn't have to worry. i would ask the mom tha... Read More »