Is it okay for men to work in childcare?

Answer It's not only ok, it's very important. There are lots of single parent families in the UK where there is only a mum and the children have no male role model at all. Most primary school teachers are... Read More »

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Is this okay or not going to work...?

This is an absurd "diet". You're planning on eating almost nothing but almonds? They are high in fat (and sodium, if salted). No one can be healthy eating only one kind of food. You will be mal... Read More »

Is it okay if I mangerbate in the bathroom at work?

i can only think of one thing to add to this delightful conversation/question: why are so many answerers (above) wanting to involve their husbands? Isn't this the Do-it-Yourself section?

Blood sugar was low this morning is it okay for me to work out today?

Work out for about half of what you normally do and check your blood sugar again. If its okay you can continue your work out. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy or weak.

Hmm okay I am 5'6 150 lbs. and want to lose weight. give me a strict work-out routine.?

Step 1= RunEveryday, run 2 miles. If you have a track at your school, that translates to 8 laps.Step 2= CoreDo 100 crunches/ sit-ups everydayStep 3= ArmsEveryday, you should do 50 push upsStep 4= E... Read More »