Is it okay for me to wear my mouth gaurd after wisdom teeth extraction?

Answer If u wear it and its very irritating, id hold off for a little longer. If your mouth feels fine and u put the mouth guard in and it doesn't hurt or bother u then its fine

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Mouth gaurd while sleeping safe if not sure teeth grinding?

in general yes but not for a very long time , coz it may affect the joint

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?

Do i sleep with gauze in my mouth after wisdom tooth extraction?

I just had a wisdom tooth removed earlier this year, and also did not receive stitches.Once the clot has formed and most of the bleeding stops, you can remove the gauze. You don't need to sleep wi... Read More »

Wisdom teeth extraction - What to eat?

So while you're recovering from wisdom teeth extraction you're trying to let the area where you're teeth used to be clot (to stop bleeding) and heal without getting food caught in the tissue. So t... Read More »