Is it okay for an adult to go to a Chuck E. Cheese's alone?

Answer You'd be better off going somewhere else!! Although you would be free to visit why would you? If you want to take a young child go for it... a niece, nephew, friend's kid, but Chuck E. Cheese is fo... Read More »

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Is it okay for a guy to go to a Rave alone?

Is it okay to drink alone to test tolerance?

Kids these days... so paranoid.It is very possible to get out of control in a party atmosphere and overdrink and even black out. However, most of the time I've seen people do that they don't have a... Read More »

Is leaving at kids malls alone okay?

What is the age for a child to walk alone without adult?

There isn't an age limit but most parents won't let there children walk alone until there about 11. But it is really there parents choice