Is it okay for a 34 month old boy to be 38 inches tall and weigh 28 pounds?

Answer NO it is most definetly not normal for anyone to have a fever and stmomach aches and i recomend taking your child to the doctors as soon as you can to make sure that is nothing sereios! Yes i did m... Read More »

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Is it okay for a 5' 8'' tall girl to weigh 198 pounds?

AnswerA girl of 5ft 8in should weigh in the vicinity of 180-190pounds. Dont worry about your weight to much just watch what you eat and get 30mins excercise each day and you will be fine. AnswerNo... Read More »

Should a nine year old at 43 inches tall weigh 40 pounds?

Firstly, you should be asking your Pediatrician this question. Sounds like you need immediate medical help, and with a baby but 3 days old, you need professional medical help, and right now. Get to... Read More »

Are you overweight if you're 14 years old and weigh 17 stone 3 pounds if you're 6 foot 3 inches tall and do a lot of weight training?

Answer I think you know the answer to this one. From this website you are in the tallest 5% of the population and you could quite reas... Read More »

Is 90 pounds overweight for an 8 year old boy who is 56 inches tall?