Is it ok to wear black in summer?

Answer The color black is a universal, multi-seasonal shade that can be worn all year long with a few minor adjustments to the wardrobe. During the summer and warmer months black should be worn with light... Read More »

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Whats goes well with a black dress, i really dont want to wear a black shoe?

Red red red!Or white. Or cream. Any colour will work with black if you accessorize all the same colour (bag, shoes, hair etc)Hollie xo

What do emo people wear in the summer?

First of all, "emo" people not only suffer from cuts on their wrists due to self-mutilation, but also squeezing into tight black skinny jeans in the 100 degrees and plus summer heat. Being "emo" i... Read More »

The Best Outfits to Wear in the Summer?

The clothes we wear reflect the changing seasons. As winter comes to an end, ditch the thick, knitted cardigans and opt for lightweight fabrics and styles. Summer clothes are about having fun with ... Read More »

Can I wear ugg boots in the summer?

no they look extremely tacky in the summer