Is it ok to use other brands of CD on a Sony Handycam?

Answer I'm betting your Sony Handycam uses 8cm DVDs, not CDs. You can use any brand without risking damage to your camcorder. Ideally, any brand will work, but I recommend trying them out before you go an... Read More »

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Sony HC62 MiniDV Handycam or Sony HC51 - Are they any good Do you recomend?

MiniDV tape based camcorders capture video to the digital tape and store in DV format. This uses pretty much no compression. The "DV" in miniDV = digital video.Presuming the camcorders are similarl... Read More »

Sony handycam?

With consumer electronics we are slaves to "what is coming out next". It has been my experience that newer technology has always been the way to go. Just make sure not to jump on the bandwagon to... Read More »

Sony Handycam problems?

maybe you are putting the wrong DVD-R or DVD+Rcheck which type the camera needs and which one you are putting inhope this helpsjani

Sony handycam for youtube?

First off, you're not going to get any professional look with just camera. Pro looks rely on mostly lighting and color correction/grading. An pro could grab an iphone and get actual nice footage. I... Read More »