Is it ok to use my memory card from my Pandigital Supernova & put it in my phone?

Answer If your phone uses a micro SD card? YESIt is a way to move files from one to the other.

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Does the Nokia 7210 Supernova have a memory card?

yeaa it does :) wen u open the battery cover the slot is present on the left side :)

Why cant i paste a picture in my cellphone 7210 supernova without memory card?

How to Transfer Memory From the Phone to the Memory Card on an SLVR L7c?

Motorola is one of the first companies to manufacture mobile phones. The SLVR L7C is a full-color media phone, which supports pictures, audio and video files. It has a built-in memory of 64MB, whic... Read More »

How do you download apps to your sd card if you have an android phone running v 2.1 and your internal memory is full but you have tons of space on your sd card?

If I understood you correctly, downloading apps to sdcard is by default on android phones that have sdcard... Did I get you right?