Is it ok to use body wash to wash dishes?

Answer It's a cleaning agent, without a degreaser. It's ok to use in a pinch once in a while.

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How to Make Plain Body Wash Into Body Wash for Extra Dry Skin?

Jazz up your usual plain body wash with these suggested steps - your body will feel softer than a baby's bottom.

Antibacterial body wash or acne body wash?

Idk, bacteria is good for you.. If you get used to killing all of it you may get really sick when u stop or catch a common cold. Acne washes with salicylic or benzoyl peroxide make mine worse. My s... Read More »

How do you wash your dishes?

wash by hand using hot water and liquid.............rinse under a running tap .and put to drain .........then wash the pans .......get fresh water for glasses ............but best to use a good was... Read More »

How to Wash Dishes?

Washing dishes is one of the most common of household chores, and essential to do regularly. Thoroughly cleaning all dishes is important for both sanitary and aesthetic reasons.