Is it ok to take red yeast rice and vitamins together?

Answer On One Hand: Safe for ManyMany vitamins may safely be taken in conjunction with red yeast rice, the fermented rice yeast supplement commonly used to lower blood cholesterol. Vitamins C, B1, B2, B5,... Read More »

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Can you take red yeast rice&simvastatin together?

On One Hand: There Are No Warnings Specifically Prohibiting ItRed yeast rice extract is a supplement which is marketed as an alternative to cholesterol-lowering statin medications such as simvastat... Read More »

Is it safe to take vitamins B-12 & Biotin together ?

Is it safe to take cephalexin ans prenatal vitamins together?

Cephalexin can cause nausea and or vomiting, some women are more sensitive to nausea after taking their prenatal vitamins, if you are in this group take the two separately. Otherwise there are no c... Read More »

How much red yeast rice does one take for high blood pressure?

On One Hand: Adult DosageThe adult dosage of red yeast rice is listed as 1,200mg for the concentrated powder capsules, according to, to be taken twice a day by mouth following a meal... Read More »