Is it ok to take caster oil at 35 weeks pregnant?

Answer Jesus christ no!!

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Does caster oil work at 35 weeks?

On One Hand: Castor Oil May Induce LaborPregnant women have used using castor oil to attempt to induce labor for years. Castor oil is thought to work in several possible ways, including causing spa... Read More »

I'm 38 weeks pregnant can I take Xanax?

Xanax (generic is Alprazolam) should not be taken during pregnancy or when breast feeding.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant can I take Vicodin?

No! The only type of pain reliever you can safely take at all while being pregnant, whether you're 5 weeks or 8 months or anywhere in-between is extra strength tylenol! You SHOULD NOT take vicodin.... Read More »

Will caster oil induce labor at 35 weeks?

No. I tried it with my three year old, and did not work...... I am a couple days from 38wks with my third child and I tried it in two settings, using two tble spoons at each and all it did was keep... Read More »