Is it ok to take amoxicillin while 30 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

Answer It is only safe if it is prescribed by a dentist who is aware the patient is pregnant.

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Is it bad to have an abscessed tooth when you are pregnant?

Yes, because of where the infection is, it can easily go into the brain area and cause death. If you are unable to afford dental work: Contact your state's health department There are various assi... Read More »

Can pregnant women use amoxicillin capsules at 23 weeks?

You can't take antibiotics without consulting your doctor. In some cases a woman have to take antibiotics because the alternative would be worse.

What can you take for pain besides Tylenol if you are 12 weeks' pregnant and have an abcsessed tooth?

Answer It is typically safe for pregnant women to take opiates during pregnancy. Often doctors hesitate to prescribe other types of drugs because of the risks. When under a doctors care opiate anal... Read More »

Is it safe if the dentist said to wait three days until your next appointment to take a prophylaxis antibiotic to pull an abscessed tooth?

Answer I would not wait to take an antibiotic for an abcess tooth! If you get the tooth pulled with the infection still in are in for one rude awakening when he attempts to pull that to... Read More »