Is it ok to sometime ear dessert after lunch?

Answer That is up to you about feeling guilty or not, but I think it is great of you that you treat them as a rare treat, so enjoy them and have an extra one if they are particularly nice.I am a strong be... Read More »

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What's your opinion about keeping dessert from students until they eat their lunch?

In Ohio, this is a violation of licensing standards. Contact your state licensing board and check your regulations. Have you spoken with the director?? If the lunch menu (set up by a nutritionist) ... Read More »

Is there dessert in paleo recipes because I think prehistoric people didn't know about dessert.?

I think you are missunderstand about paleo recipe or paleo dietary. It is not the real prehistoric food! It's just healthy foods that useing good natural ingredients, cooked in a healthy higienic p... Read More »

What kind of fruit is best to make dessert And what is your favorite dessert?

My hubby & teenager have to carry lunch daily. Give me nutritious, non messy ( in the lunch box ), tasty?

why dont u make fried rice? use yesterday's remaining rice and fry it with garlic, any meat of ur choice, mixed vegetables and eggs. if there is a microwave they can heat it up if not u can still e... Read More »