Is it ok to sometime ear dessert after lunch?

Answer That is up to you about feeling guilty or not, but I think it is great of you that you treat them as a rare treat, so enjoy them and have an extra one if they are particularly nice.I am a strong be... Read More »

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My computer turns off after using it for sometime?

Check your fans - one in your power supply, one on your processor and possibly one in front or rear of the case.

What's your opinion about keeping dessert from students until they eat their lunch?

In Ohio, this is a violation of licensing standards. Contact your state licensing board and check your regulations. Have you spoken with the director?? If the lunch menu (set up by a nutritionist) ... Read More »

Is it true that the TV show Smallville will finally be cancelled after Season 10 sometime in 2011?

Yes, it's true that Smallville will be canceled in 2011. It's been confirmed by Tom Welling, the actor who plays Clark Kent on "Smallville" that the 10th season will be the last season for the show.

When mushrooms were no longer classified as plants, sometime after I finished school, did vegetarians stop eat?

In my time at school, there were three kingdoms of life; animals, plants and microbes. Fungi and algae were classified as plants; Now they have their own magnificent kingdoms. Mushrooms also can't ... Read More »