Is it ok to smell my fingers?

Answer WTF did I just read!!!

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How to Get a Stink Bug Smell off Your Fingers?

Stink bugs are harmless insects that are slow-moving and disease-free. However, the biggest threat they pose to those whose homes they inhabit is that they emit a stinky odor, when they feel threat... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Nail Polish Remover From Fingers?

While nail polish looks great when it is first applied, it becomes chipped and worn over time. Nail polish remover is an essential for those who paint their nails often, but the resulting smell tha... Read More »

I have a bad smell in my house. We have a septic tank, but it doesn't smell like poop smell.?

If it smells like moldy or mildew sort of odor, it could be socks or other small laundry items that have floated up over the washing machine wash basket and gotten stuck behind the washing tub insi... Read More »

If you wipe off your penis with sperm on it with your fingers then your fingers have sperm on them and you wipe it off on your boxers and you rub a girl's vagina can she get pregnant?