Is it ok to run with acute back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Running Puts Strain on the BackWhen you run, the impact from each foot strike reverberates through your spine. This can worsen low back pain, increase inflammation or cause more long-t... Read More »

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Can pleurisy cause acute back pain?

On One Hand: Pleurisy May Cause Back PainAcute chest and back pain are two of the main symptoms of a medical condition known as pleurisy. Pleurisy occurs when the lining that allows the lungs to m... Read More »

What is the difference between acute&chronic back pain?

Back pain can be crippling when it is intense. Understanding the difference between chronic and acute back pain can help you to better discuss treatment options with your doctor, and help you under... Read More »

Acute Jaw Pain?

Acute jaw pain can make it difficult for a person to perform basic actions like eating, talking and even yawning. A doctor can diagnose the cause of your jaw pain and offer you treatment options.

Testicle pain with back pain?

actaully its very common. most likely you have pinched sciatic nerve in your back. Often lower back pain due to pinched nerve can radiate to the testicles. Most likely it's not a big deal and the p... Read More »