Is it ok to put hydrogen peroxide on rug burn if you have scrapes along with the friction burn?

Answer No, don't put hydrogen peroxide on it. That will damage tissue. Wash it with liquid antibacterial soap if you have any mixed with warm water, or just plain soap and water. Dry it gently, and app... Read More »

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Is hydrogen peroxide better than alcohol for cuts bug bites and scrapes?

Peroxide kills some of the germs, but it also destroys the edges of the wound so it prolongs healing. The best way to clean a wound is to irrigate it with sterile saline solution, pat dry and then... Read More »

I fell asleep against my girlfriend and apparently gave her friction burn what did i do and how?

Frankly, only you and she were there, only she can tell you. Does she think you were not asleep, so did it on purpose? Has she shown you the burn?

What color does hydrogen burn?

Hydrogen, the lightest and most abundant chemical element in the known universe, is an extremely reactive, odorless, and colorless gas that burns a pale blue color that is almost invisible.Referenc... Read More »

What color does hydrogen gas burn?

Hydrogen by itself does not burn with any visible color. When mixed with oxygen, it burns with a lime-colored flame and can reach temperatures of more than 2,600 degrees Celsius or more than 4,700 ... Read More »