Is it ok to put foil in the oven?

Answer It's fine. People wrap chicken etc in foil the whole time to stop it burning so easily.Ps Can i have some cheesecake?

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Can i put tin foil in the oven?

You can use it in "oven mode".... but definitely not "microwave mode".

How do you get baked on aluminum foil off of the bottom of oven?

you can buy a new oven floor. easy to install. costs about $60 for mine.

Does lining an oven's racks with foil cut down on baking time?

Putting foil on the racks in an oven will interfere with proper air flow and heat transfer. It will not cut down on the time it takes to bake your Troubleshooting

Can i line the foil with parchment paper to bake my chicken in the oven?

Use aluminum foil lined with parchment paper to bake chicken in an oven heated to no more than 420 degrees, according to Reynolds, one of the manufacturers of parchment paper. Preheat the oven firs... Read More »