Is it ok to put a wheat bag on your stomach when your pregnant?

Answer I have been doing a fair bit of research on this subject and there is no definitive answer. Generally the consensus is that a wheat bag should not be placed on the stomach but can be used to help a... Read More »

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Can you be pregnant if your stomach has been getting big and when you suck in your stomach it feels and looks like someone is crushing your ribs?

Answeryes because if your stomach is looking like something is there that is in baby form and is where the baby should be than I would go and take a pregnancy test and I am a doctor so I would list... Read More »

Does your stomach grow when your 2 weeks pregnant?

The foetus is only a few mm large at two weeks. So there is no way your stomach grows that fast because of pregnancy. It might be that you are more hungry then before and that makes your stomach gr... Read More »

Is it bad if your stomach starts hurting when your two months pregnant?

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach how do you learn to sleep on your sides when pregnant?

Answer I thought it would be hard at first but like childbirth it almost natural. At first I put a pillow under my stomach so that I was kind of on my stomach kind of on my back, but the more my st... Read More »