Is it ok to play video games on your new plasma tv.?

Answer sure. we do it all the time. We will hook the laptop to ours and play - love having a "big" monitor. But many of the gaming systems are geared for the newer tvs.

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Can you play video games on a plasma or a lcd tv?

Video games can be played on any television with a compatible input. However, if they are played on a plasma TV, there is a small risk of plasma burn. The effect is caused by static images being sh... Read More »

Plasma T.V.'s and video games?

Despite what you might hear from salesmen or people who have bought into the LCD marketing rhetoric, modern plasma TVs no longer have problems with burn-in, and have not for the last several genera... Read More »

LED TV vs. Plasma TV's, which one is better for your eyes when playing video games?

Never use a plasma TV solely to play games. Plasma TVs often leave permanent "images" of stuff you've seen before on the screen. like when you watch the news you might see a barely visible transpar... Read More »

Can you play PC Games on a Plasma HD 50 inch tv ?

use the plasma tv becuz thats what i use to play my games on