I had sex with my tampon in and now i cant get it out...?

Answer The guy didn't notice this? He must be kind of small. That is disgusting.

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ew a shark will get you if you go in the ocean!

Can i sleep with my tampon tonight?

If you put it in at 10 and you sleep until nine, that is 11 hours. The maximum you really should leave one in is about 8 hours, so you might want to change it before you go to sleep just to be saf... Read More »

How to Stop a Nose Bleed with a Tampon?

Hate it when your nose starts dripping? Hate it when it drips blood? Hate lying upside-down with a bag of ice on your face? Here is a simple solution.

HELP! i fell asleep with a tampon in! wht do i doo?

My girlfriend says you can fall asleep with it in all the time but that crazy **** never happened to her....GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!You can suffer from tss and it's deadly!!