Is it ok to let my baby sleep on his stomach at 8 months old?

Answer On One Hand: Health RisksThe main reason for putting your baby to sleep on his back is to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However, there are several other benefits for infants who cont... Read More »

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Is it ok to sleep on your stomach while eight months pregnant?

One would think any undue pressure on the abdomen would not be a healthy thing to do ... besides, it must be really uncomfortable at this stage in pregnancy.

Your baby is three months old taking nan experincing a lot of stomach upsets why and what can you do?

16 i think i'm not sure maybe you should go ask a police station

Is it okay to put a baby to sleep on their stomach?

Answer No, small babies should be put to sleep on their backs it makes them much less susceptible to cot-death.Once they can turn themselves they will find their own comfortable position, just as ... Read More »

Is it okay for a baby to sleep on his side at 6 months?

On One Hand: Back Sleeping Is the Safest PositionIn recent years, researchers have determined through extensive studies that putting a baby to sleep on his back greatly reduces the occurrence of Su... Read More »