Is it ok to leave your computor on 24 / 7?

Answer It never made any sense to me. It's kinda like the porch lite, why run it if it's not being used. Besides, all that heat couldn't be good for those circuits and it needs to re-boot sometimes. Shut ... Read More »

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Does it still damage a computor screen to leave the same image on it for a long time?

This was a problem with older monitors (which is why they had screen savers). Most of the newer ones are pretty solid, but it's better to give your system a rest and not keep it on for days at a st... Read More »

Can you have your T.V. become a computor screen?

You can if you have the right vid card that allows it ..but most of the time (depending on the tv) the picture will not be as clear as your monitor

What is the best lighting to have when using your computor?

The most important issue is glare. Make sure that there are no sources of glare that reflect off your monitor. Sources of glare include windows, bare bulb light fixtures, and even other computer sc... Read More »

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