Is it ok to leave your computer on all night, most nights of the week?

Answer There are many pros and cons on both philosophies of turning off your computer between uses to save power or leave it on to extend shelf life.Computer experts who recommend leaving the computers tu... Read More »

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Is it ok to leave your computer on for the whole week or is it bad for the computer?

This question has been asked since the personal computer was still in diapers. Back then I'd say turning off you pc would be more prefered but with new pc's, components are better made and are des... Read More »

Is it bad to leave your computer/lap top on all night?

I believe it is bad for you to leave you laptop on while not using it or sleeping. 1. It might cause shortage of battery life.2. It might burn out your hard drive, even if only using AC/Adaptor.3. ... Read More »

Better to leave computer on or off every nights?

If the cost is your concern then read this article. Mine is on 24 hours a day 365 days a year weather permitting (power outage).…If the concern is the w... Read More »

Is it safe to leave your computer on all night and through the day?

yea it should be ok as long as it doesnt get hot cause it could burn up.