Is it ok to leave a computer monitor on all the time?

Answer Not if you're on the internet; the longer you're on the internet the easier it is for hackers to enter your computer. If you won't be using it for awhile it is also best to shut everything down. ... Read More »

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Is it okay to leave my monitor on all the time?

Read the specs, but it is probably 15 watts when on, and 3 watts when it puts itself to sleep. You really don't need sleep mode or screensaver with an LCD monitor. The image does not BURN IN, an... Read More »

Is it better to leave your computer and monitor on 24/7 or shut them off each day?

Most monitors only work for a limited amount of hours before they fry. PLus it's more eco-friendly to turn off at night.

Do you leave your computer monitor slanted or straight?

The important thing isn't how you choose to have the monitor as that is down to preference. What is important is that you are not twisting yourself in any way to view it as this can lead to some VE... Read More »

If i leave my laptop computer on while i download something from limewire will it burn my monitor or get a?

The only thing that burns on your monitor are Plasma and CRT displays. Originally, CRT displays were around. This is why they created Screen Savers, so the same image isn't displayed constantly, th... Read More »