Is it ok to kiss your sister?

Answer dont....on lipsonly the cheeks and not too long

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Can you kiss your bff and become their sister?

How to Kiss a sister?

On the cheek. Never in a sexual way. i recromend hugs! it lets them know you love them even if you do have your spiffs!Kiss on the cheek is better never on the lips.

Can you obtain temporary custody of your 4-year-old niece from your sister your niece's father is in jail and your sister is neglecting your niece and has no home no job she is dangering her well bein?

Answer Probably, it depends on the state. The best chance would be to convince the father that the child is being neglected - if he signed a waiver agreeing to custody to you then it would aid in ... Read More »

Your brother has a sister on his moms side you are your brothers sister on your father side is your brothers sister your sister?