Is it ok to keep your printer on when not in use Or should it be off?

Answer If it's an inkjet printer, you really should turn it off as this parks the print head, keeping it from clogging.For laser printers, you can leave them on as most now employ a power save mode.

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When you have your wisdom teeth extracted should you keep your head up or lie down?

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How should you tell your parents you are pregnant if you are 14 and want to keep the baby but your boyfriend left when he found out?

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Should you keep your baby when you already have two kids?

well yes of course you should if you think you can manage i mean it is your own child you shouldn't kill it if you dont want it put it up for adoption lots of couples cant have kids so they adopt o... Read More »

When should you drop Full Coverage and just keep Liability on your 1993 Ford XLT Van that has only 29 500 miles on it?

Answer The question you should ask yourself is, if your car gets damaged, will you fix it or just buy a new car? The Comp and Collision coverage on your vehicle helps pay for damage to your car. If... Read More »