Is it ok to have sex with your grandfathers cousins granddaughter?

Answer yes you can have sex with anyone in this world A: They would not be blood related to you so it would be fair to say yes in this case.

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How to Relate to Your Teen Granddaughter (for Grandfathers)?

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If my dad is first cousins with your dad does that make us third cousins?

No, the children of two people who are first cousins are second cousins to each other.

What do you call your cousins that aren't direct cousins?

In the English language, there is no relationship call "direct cousin."There are "close cousins" and "distant cousins," but the definitions of each are unclear.Then there are more specific terms, s... Read More »

What are the cousins of your first cousins considered?

You would have a variety of different relationships to the cousins of your first cousins. Some of them are you and your siblings, and some of them are also your first cousins. Second cousins of you... Read More »