Is it ok to have hair on the back of your neck and arm hair?

Answer Oh, dont worry. I myself have hairy arms (Dark hair) I used to get made fun of when i was younger too. I shaved my arms a couple of times when i was in middle school but it was so tedious to me so ... Read More »

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How to Remove Back Neck Hair?

The hair on the back of the neck often looks unkempt or tacky. Remove it by shaving or waxing. Depending on how fast your hair grows, shaving keeps the area looking clean for several weeks. Waxing ... Read More »

Iwant to dye my hair. i have naturaly blonde hair. will my color ever go back to its natural shade?

The only way your hair will 'go back' to it's natural shade is if you use a temporary hair color, which is designed to wash out in a number of washes(usually 1), or semi permanent color on un-damag... Read More »

If you and your "husband" have blonde hair and you dye your hair black, will your child have black hair too?

Should you be concerned if you have a small hard fixed lump on the back left side of your neck that causes severe headaches and neck pain in that general area?

There are two things that it can be. Either you have a torn or strained muscle that is now a knot and needs to be taken care of by message or chiropractic care. Or your glands are swollen and it sh... Read More »