Is it ok to have an energy drink before school?

Answer it is okay cause it will get you ready for the day but only Limit to 1 because to much will get your heart beating to fast and eventually leads to a trip to the hospital

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Would it be a good idea to drink 5 Hour energy before school?

If you absolutely haven't had any rest and are low on energy then go for it but don't make it a habit

What happens if you drink Monster energy drink past its expiration date ?

It may not be as good as when you buy it....

Which energy drink has more energy, cocaine or bookoo?

Either can be potenially fatal.What makes energy drinks bad?12 spoons of sugar... that's bad 200 calories... bad Guarana... tisk tisk Good for a short jittery burst then a debilitating crash! All e... Read More »

If I drink a monster energy drink while on my period can I die?

Nope. Your menstrual period would not be affected by that or affect that in any way.