Is it ok to have an energy drink before school?

Answer it is okay cause it will get you ready for the day but only Limit to 1 because to much will get your heart beating to fast and eventually leads to a trip to the hospital

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Would it be a good idea to drink 5 Hour energy before school?

If you absolutely haven't had any rest and are low on energy then go for it but don't make it a habit

Is it bad to drink 5 hour energy before a run?

No, it is mostly b vitamins and the same caffeine as a cup of coffee or a soda. Some of the other energy drinks would not be a good idea but 5 hour energy is fine.

Is it bad to drink 3 beers before school starts?

No as long as it is at least 12 hours before school starts.

I have absolutely NNOOO energy and am only 24, i literally have to drag myself around. i dont drink.?

You're not drinking enough water. Drink water all day, and try to eat small meals every two hours.