Is it ok to hack out on your pony on your own when you are a 12 year old?

Answer Well, it's not the safest thing to do. Anything can happen, even with well seasoned older riders. I would not advise it, but if your parents are OK with it and you are a good rider with a solid sea... Read More »

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Is it illegal for a parent to tell her 7-year-old son to beat your son up after your son pushed her son in an argument when her son took your son's ball and your son pushed him to get it back?

It is not illegal for the mother to tell her child to 'Beat Up' someone. It is considered child neglect and the Child Protective Services can intervene with the parents 'Parenting Skills'.

If your 18 year old brother choked pushed and screamed at your 13 year old sistert hen when she asked him to be alone he sneered and ran into his room what does this mean between them?

Tell the parents. Your brother should not choke or push you sister. Your brother is an adult at 18 and he knows better than to do this. If this is not the first time it happened then tell your pare... Read More »

What liability do you have when your 18-year-old moves out but still drives a car in your name?

AnswerThe registered owner is ultimatly still responsible for the vehcile. Liability and all. They will still go after the driver of car too. And if there is not enough Liability coverage on the ve... Read More »

When do you tell your five year old son about your two older children from a previous marriage?

If he is allowed to meet then you should tell him now. If he is not he will want a explanation to why he can't see them. 5yo are curious. So then you should probably wait.