Is it ok to eat ketchup with scrambled eggs?

Answer it not wierd.ketchup is tomatos so it shouldnt have much fat. but read the back on the bottle and make sure they dont put any bad things and of course thats ok to eat it as long as its whole wheat ... Read More »

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Can you refrigerate cracked eggs for scrambled eggs?

When selecting eggs at the store, always open the carton and inspect each egg for cracks before purchasing them. If an egg is cracked, choose another carton. If an egg breaks after you buy them, br... Read More »

Fried eggs of scrambled eggs with your bacon?

Is scrambled eggs meat?

Just because it contains protein does not mean it is meat.

How to Fix Scrambled Eggs with Cheese?

So, you're going to IHOP every night for the eggs thinking, "Man, I wish I could make those!" Well, now you can stay at home and make your own! They will taste EXACTLY the same!