Is it ok to drink pain killers before a football practice or game?

Answer If you're talking about something like liquid Tylenol that you can buy over-the-counter in a drugstore without a prescription, yes. Just watch the dose, because overdosing even over-the-counter med... Read More »

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Can you drink lager the night before a football game?

Not a really good idea. The alcohol (and the beer) will tend to dehydrate you- and you will pay the penalty in reduced performance when sweating during the game. Save the lager for celebrating the ... Read More »

What song has been playing on ESPN monday night football and all of espns college football broadcasts and it was ued during the 08 season before each commercial break during the Bucs and Panthers game?

ESPN is constantly looking for talented people. Simply check their website for the open positions and locations currently available.

How can I treat a bruised toenail 1 day before an important football game?

Hey there! I had the same problem with XC, and, luckily, you won't have to miss your game. In fact, if you go to your podiatrist beforehand, they can drain the fluid (a bruised toenail, or subungal... Read More »

I had all my front teeth crowned, before I never had any pain but now when i drink cold water they hurt badly?

Please explain why you need more root canals done when you've already had sixty?