Is it ok to drink bitters strait?

Answer Yes, but it sounds disgusting. If you want a mixed drink, try the Angie Collins, it's got a lot of bitters in it.Link to the Angie Collins:…

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Do bitters go bad?

Bitters, provided that they are the type that have alcohol in them, do not go bad. However, the non-alcoholic varieties do go bad, because they do not have preservatives. Nevertheless, it's a good ... Read More »

Who created bitters?

Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert created the first batch of aromatic bitters, or "amargo aromatico," in 1824 to aid soldiers ailing from fever or stomach upsets. By his death in 1870, his compa... Read More »

Drinks With Bitters?

Bitters, as the name suggests, are a bitter or bittersweet alcoholic spirit made from a variety of plants, roots and herbs. Bitters are known for their digestive aid properties and appetite stimula... Read More »

Where does one buy bitters in Alabama?

Bitters are used in cooking also, check your grocery stores. Think about it ... vanilla extract is very high in alcohol content, but undrinkable (just like bitters!), but sold in groceries. Why wou... Read More »