Is it ok to download screensavers from internet?

Answer well there is this website that is virus free if you want to check it out it is called you can check them out yourself and they you can check to see if a something you downl... Read More »

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How do I download screensavers?

WindowsUse a search engine to locate and download a freeware screen saver to use in Windows (see Resources). Browse for your favorite screen saver using the search box on the upper right, and doubl... Read More »

Why r screensavers called screensavers, how do they save the screen ?

In the olden days, if an image was left on a screen for a long time it would burn itself into the phosphors, and you'd see a faint ghost of the image permanently. A screensaver with a moving image... Read More »

Which one is the better option to buy the DVD from market or to download the series of csi Miami tv show from internet?

During certain times of the year, shows go into reruns. During the summer for most, and during big events like Basketball championships.

How do i download software from the internet?

DownloadingLocate the software you want to download. In most cases, by performing an Internet search for the software you are looking for, you can find it. When you find the correct Internet page w... Read More »