Is it ok to do waterproofing of terrace, roof in summer season in India or i need to wait till rainy season?

Answer I personally advice go with brick bat coba finish with broken glazed tiles Chips method.It reduce heat /avoid expansion it is long lasting if it is correct method in all respect.Even brick bat coba... Read More »

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What are various disease that occured during summer and rainy season?

Common diseases are cholera caused due to contaminated food and water. Jaundice, typhoid, dengue, malaria, viral diseases.

I want to get a tattoo on my foot would it be better to wait till the summer?

I got one on my foot. I would suggest you wait, I had to have mine touched up from wearing shoes and socks.

I need a better computer.i have a chance to get an emachine are they good or should i wait till the summer wha?

Get a HP desktop. With a 4200+ or better dual core processor , at least 1GB of ram , 200GB+ hard drive. You can then decide what videocard you want if you game if not the integrated card it comes w... Read More »

When is Ireland's rainy season?

The joke goes that every season in Ireland is rainy season. It's somewhat true. The main rainy season of Ireland lasts from August through March. Still, there is a fair amount of rain during the su... Read More »