Is it ok to delete these files?

Answer Before you delete anything, if you are patient enough *wink*, try to google the description of the file. I have done this before when I've had errors pop up, or weirdish files I didn't know what th... Read More »

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What are these files that end with .EXE Can we delete all files ending with .exe to save hard disk space?

.exe file are executionable files - they are the ones that run your programs. If you delete these, none of your programs will work. All files relate to a program - if you don't know what it is, l... Read More »

How do I delete one or more files from a CD?

We can't delete files from a CD, unless it is a re-writable one......Have a great day sweet friend :-)

Can I delete these files?

Scan for viruses and malware. If you don't have an antivirus download the free versions of Avast or Avira. Delete everything they find. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and remove everything tha... Read More »

How do i delete zip files?

Deleting the FileLeft-click on either the item icon or the item name. It should be the first level of the zip file, not its contents. From the pop-up menu, click on "Delete." A message box will ask... Read More »