Is it ok to copy content from wikipedia?

Answer no I am a member **** off! I don't want some guy I've never met copying text they didn't write!!! >:(

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Is there a way to grab content from wikipedia other than the manual copy and paste?

You'll need a Query API (application programming interface) to provide you a way for your applications to query data directly from the MediaWiki servers. See details and example codes here -> http:... Read More »

Its legal to take content from wikipedia and put it in my website ?

Check out her for more details:…Can I reuse Wikipedia's content somewhere else?Main page: Wikipedia:Reusing Wikipedia contentWikipedia's textual content i... Read More »

How to Copy Content From a Text File to a Spread Sheet Using VBA?

Microsoft Excel macros can help you automate almost any kind of task, increasing your productivity and improving your efficiency. Written in VBA, macros can create, manipulate and remove data withi... Read More »

How much wikipedia pays for hosting its huge wikipedia content ?

Just $1 million, $2 tops. The rest of the $16 million goes to paying off cronies and no-bid contracts.Wikipedia is worth any money only as long as gullible people keep donating. If it allowed adver... Read More »