Is it ok to co-sleep with an older baby/toddler?

Answer You really should not ask this question on YahooAnswers because all you will get is mainstream ignorance and bias.Co-sleeping is extremely healthy and convenient. Many families do it on purpose, no... Read More »

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Should an older cat with kidney failure be put to sleep?

On One Hand: Kidney Failure is TreatableKidney failure, also called renal failure, is a common condition in older cats. There is no cure for this condition. However, there are medications, dietary ... Read More »

What kind of drinks will help an older person sleep at bedtime?

On One Hand: Ingredients in Tea Ease InsomniaInsomnia, or the inability to sleep, can be alleviated by drinking certain teas. Teas containing lavender, chamomile, spearmint or lemongrass all help a... Read More »

Are you a good sleeper I am not..........the older I get the less I sleep...what is a good remedy for that?

I can sleep good if I don t0uch coffee after 2 pm. ANd a remedy to you to make sure you are really tired before you go to bed so you sleep good

I have an older tv (1990) . i have a Starchoice satalite system , will my older tv be affected Feb 17 ?

If you receive all your TV from satellite, no, as they have done the conversion for you.However, if you receive some US stations by antenna as well, you will need a converter for them.