Is it ok to clean a fuser with a soft cloth and alcohol?

Answer Sure, you can try that. Alcohol will not harm the fuser, but if the roller is a soft sleeve & not a hard roller, you need to be careful to not apply too much pressure to damage it. Most likely the ... Read More »

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How do I clean soft cloth baby rattles?

Spot CleaningMix a small amount of baby detergent and warm water in a bowl or basin and use a cloth to spot clean the rattle. Create a lather with the detergent before rinsing the rattle, then eith... Read More »

Touchless Vs. Soft Cloth Car Wash?

There are many reasons to use a mechanized car wash, from simple convenience to cold winter conditions that freeze dirty hand-washing water on the car before it can be rinsed off. All machine car w... Read More »

How can you fix a fuser gate on a 4250 printer fuser?

How do I Clean the Fuser in a Magicolor 2400W Laser Printer?

The Konica Magicolor 2400W printer can provide many years of trouble-free service, but only if it is properly maintained. Performing regular maintenance, including replacing and cleaning the toner ... Read More »