Is it ok to chew sugar free chewing gum with braces?

Answer I have 2 children in braces and their orthodontist told them to use sugar free chewing gum after meals if they couldn't brush. So yes, sugar free gum is all right.

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Can I chew sugar-less gum with braces on?

Neither. Gum pulls at the wires, bands and brackets. You'll have to wait till your braces are removed to chew any kind of gum.

Is sugar free chewing gum bad for teeth?

Sugar free gums are fine for your teeth. In fact they can be very good.Get a gum that contains the ingredient 'xylitol,' (fruit breezers, orbitz, etc) . In studies, xylitol has been known to stop d... Read More »

Is there gum you can chew with braces on?

No. All gum is gum. It gets stuck in your braces.I had mine on for two years and I didn't use gum even though I loved it.It's fine, and it's such a thrill when you get them off and you can have gum... Read More »

Can i chew gum with my braces?

You can but your braces will come's your decision.