Is it ok to be upset over this...........?

Answer If they are large women they could just be jealous...??....But I wouldnt let it upset me if I was you. I'm sure they ment no harm and really its not going to change your life one way or another is ... Read More »

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Im so upset.?

I got my long long hair cut and I didn't like it the first couple of days, but then I was okay with it. Now it has grown back longer but I'm going to get it cut again because it is more managable s... Read More »

Would this upset you?

Hello Matt, long time no see.Your story doesn't really ring true, and as you've often posted on V&V before claiming that vegetarians eat chicken and fish and vegans eat seafood it shouldn't be take... Read More »

How to Wait for Someone Without Getting Upset?

You have to wait for someone for a very long time. Now you think he/she will never come. Avoid getting upset with these simple steps.

Why do brothers get upset with you?

They gey upset because you did something to make them angry.