Is it ok to be 21 years Old and still be a virgin?

Answer Of course it's ok to still be a virgin at 21. The bible says to wait until your married to have sex. This is what I am doing. I don't care if anyone makes fun, I feel proud. I have saved myself for... Read More »

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If a virgin has IVF treatment and gets pregnant is she still a virgin?

I'm 20 and still a virgin?

do what pleases you!! go girl! I'm not a virgin but if you feel like waiting for the right person, just continue to do so!! don't rush into it, it's not that serious. being with someone you love an... Read More »

Am i still a virgin.?

Am I still a virgin?

you can't eat your cake and have it too , you can't have it inside you and be a virgin , even half way in is penetration and when penetrated you are violated and when violated you are no more a vir... Read More »