Is it ok if my stomich feels like it broke?

Answer That isn't really a good sign but it might just be that you're unfit...however, try to refrain from or avoid running and book an appointment with your doctor (GP) and have yourself checked out-hope... Read More »

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When I was young I broke my left elbow, now it feels like if my arms are uneven?

In terms of muscle it should be able to grow. Seeing as you broke it when you were little well yes that may have damaged the growth and caused it to be a tad uneven. Depending on how badly you brok... Read More »

If my phone is already broke would i be able to get insurance wait 1 month then claim it has just broke?

That would be a criminal offence punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Your call.

Name something that feels really really bad?

Doing my f***ing taxes, and finding out how much I owe to the f***ing IRS this year.And how was YOUR day??

Feels like there's something in my eye... What could it be?

Possibly a sty forming along the lid or just inside the lid, or a scratch on your cornea. I've had both, and they constantly feel like a piece of sand.Best way to combat the irritation is to get a... Read More »