Is it ok if my stitches open a bit?

Answer This is called wound dehiscence. You should have it looked at.

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How easy do stitches break open?

No xStitches are very hard to brake open so just continue life as normal xhowever if you start to feel a sensation of it becoming lose go straight to the doctor xHope this helps :) x

If u slice ur finger open on a can likely is it u need stitches?

Joe Angus is on to something.Did you know supper glue was invented to close open wounds on the battle field.The Idea was it could be a short term liquid suture.Short term is the key word hear.The s... Read More »

Do i need to go get stitches Cut open my finger and still bleeding?

bandage snuggly and quit messing with it. Each time you mess with it you disturb the clot trying to form to stop the bleeding. If it bleeds through the bandage, do NOT remove the old one, add ano... Read More »

I sliced off the top of my index finger and am not sure if i need stitches or not. it is wide open b?

Go to the emergency room anyway! If you need stitches they will give them to you and if you don't they will clean out the cut and then send you on your way.