Is it ok if im a vegetarian that i eat chicken to stay healthy?

Answer You can eat anything you like... you just won't be called a vegetarian if you eat meat.. So you have to decide which is more important, to be "healthy" or to be a vegetarian? I must point out howev... Read More »

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Anyone got healthy vegetarian recipes that are quick and cheap?

Here's a super sausage recipe that works:

If your a vegetarian and eat an egg doesnt that mean your killing an unborn chicken?

What all should I include in my diet so that I have good energy levels throughout the day and stay healthy ?

Breakfast :- a cup of Coffee or Assam tea or Cylon(Srilanka) Green tea(Polyphenols in it are good anti-oxidants)--Idli medium size 3 or 4 with onion chutney(No Total fat/no trans fat--NoCholeterol-... Read More »

How to become a vegetarian and stay a vegetarian?

It's easy, just become clinically insane.