Is it ok for a vegan to kill spiders?

Answer Killing spiders seems to go against the whole ethos of veganism. Veganism is about minimising animal suffering, and it's more than a diet, it's a lifestyle. By definition, vegans don't use animals ... Read More »

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Am I still vegan if I kill spiders?

Here's what the Vegan Society (the guy who founded it is the same guy who coined the term "vegan," so I think this definition is probably pretty good) has to say about veganism: "Veganism is a way ... Read More »

How do you kill spiders without going near them?

The long tube on the hoover works wonders!!!I am terrified of spiders and that one ALWAYS works for me!!! You can hang from the door frame and stretch your body in the room without even going close... Read More »

Spiders, I don't want to kill them but i don't want to see them?

Do you kill spiders , or do you put them outside?

I hate spiders but I don't murder them, I pick then up with a glass and postcard and put them outside