Is it ok for a full system scan to last more than 6 hours?

Answer Sounds like you are running a surface scan on the hard drive.You have a 1 terabyte hard drive - and a full scan on a drive that large will take more than 6 hours, probably more than 8 hours. The b... Read More »

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Should AVG take 10 hours and 15 mins to do a full scan?

When you do a Scan Disk or Defrag, never have any other programs running and make sure that there is no chance of the power supply getting accidently cut off. You may "lose" everything and have to ... Read More »

How long does a full system scan take?

If you are scanning upon system boot up, you are in DOS mode and won;t take too long. Probably 45 minutes at the most.

How long my full system scan takes?

It depends on so many factors that it is impossible to tell.Why don't you just wait and see?

Ran a full system scan on Norton, and now the blue screen!?

Did you run a full scan in safe mode and quarantine the threats?If so I would uninstall Norton and go to and download Avast.Run avast and hopefully that will clear the virus and allow ... Read More »