Is it ok for a 14 year old to drink a little every once in a while?

Answer Nope because you know as well as anyone else that it won't end up as just enough to get a buzz.And, your chances of being an alcoholic triple if you drink before you're brain is developed fully (21... Read More »

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Is it normal to have a little chest pain every once in a while?

It is very normal. Mild chest pain can be caused by gas, indigestion, anxiety or any number of non-serious conditions.

Is it alright to get drunk every once in a while?

You want to adopt your new 3 year old stepchild His biological is not listed but will stop by once in a while There is no child support paid other than a little cash here and there What should i know?

i don,t know if state laws are different, but in my state if the father is alive he has to waive his parental rights if he has any. or if you can't get him to do that and you atleast want her lastn... Read More »

What is the name of the speech every US President gives once a year at the beginning of the year in January?

This is known as the State of the Union speech or address.