Is it ok for a 14 year old to drink a little every once in a while?

Answer Nope because you know as well as anyone else that it won't end up as just enough to get a buzz.And, your chances of being an alcoholic triple if you drink before you're brain is developed fully (21... Read More »

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Do you drink Egg Nog only during Christmas Time or do you drink it at anytime of the year?

I normally don't drink it but, have had it several times in the past. The Rum "spiked" egg nog is the best. yummy. It's very rich in taste. Just at Christmastime is when I'd drink it. Drink Respons... Read More »

What can't a 1 year old drink?

Diet soda, colas, too much fruit juice. Cows milk is too strong for them too.

How to Get Your One-Year-Old to Drink From a Sippy?

Sippy cups are useful during the transitional weaning stage from breast or bottle to a regular cup. However, by the age of one year, some babies continue to reject sippy cups. Child psychologist Pe... Read More »

At a bar can a 21+ year old buy an underage friend a drink?