Is it odd when someone doesn't have a facebook account?

Answer no. not everyone has to have a facebook account! if everyone HAD to have something just because of their age and circumstances, then it'd be a very sad world indeed!

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Any way to find out when someone last logged in to his/her Facebook account?

Yes, if he is your friend then, when you see the messages Facebook shows the last active time.

Anyone else ever have this bug on facebook Or is someone trying to log into my account?

it sounds to me like someone is trying to guess your passwordjust make sure it is a very secure password, and make sure it's not the same as the password for the email account you useand make sure ... Read More »

How disc brakes doesnt allow the vehicle to skid when it doesnt have any sensors at the wheels like ABS?

ABS and disk brakes are not mutually exclusive. Most modern cars with disk brakes have ABS - commonly the wheel speed sensor is mounted on or near the brake caliper.Per your edit: That also doesn't... Read More »

My twitter account doesnt show up when search on google! 10 POINTS!!!?

you need to add your twitter on google directory again. search on google by typing add url to google. then add the url of your twitter account. it will take about one day to show on google again. a... Read More »