Is it not uncommon for whole wheat spaghetti to pass undigested?

Answer People get parasites from many sources including swimming locations, improperly prepared sushi and other foods plus others sources. If you don't want to see a doctor, search the web for "parasite... Read More »

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Can I replace whole wheat flour for whole wheat pastry flour?

It is not advisable to replace whole wheat flour with whole wheat pastry flour. Since whole wheat pastry flour is made from a lower protein, finely ground form of wheat, it yields lighter, softer-t... Read More »

Is the whole wheat bread we get at the grocery store whole grain?

see the label that it contain whole grain or not:)

Is whole wheat the same as whole grain?

Whole grains are grains or cereals that haven't been refined by having their bran and germ removed in the milling process. Whole wheat is a whole grain, as are unrefined barley, brown rice, popcorn... Read More »

Why are whole wheat foods more expensive than refined wheat foods?

I think it is economies of scale, they produce so much more refined stuff they can do it cheaper